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  1. sisyphus says:

    For some reason, I don’t feel as if I know anything more after reading this article.

    Wait…I AM keenly aware that “talk like a pirate day” is kinda annoying in print format.

  2. John Coryat, Olive Branch, MS says:

    I noticed one common thread with all three users. They all had weather apps on their device. Weather is very important to people.

    There’s a really good one on the Android market called “Radar Now!” that only shows weather radar. What’s cool about this one is you just start the app and boom. There’s the radar for your area. Nifty, eh?

  3. Debarshi says:

    I am an amateur developer for android.
    the app that sells most is voicetext which transcribes spoken words into text and then sends it out.

  4. absurd says:

    I agreed. This is meaningless drivel.